Tax Structure

The State of Washington has no corporate or personal income tax

  • The State of Washington does have a Business and Occupation (B&O) Sales Tax, which is measured on the value of products, gross proceeds of sale, or gross income of the business. The rate of he B&O Sales Tax varies by sector and is as low as 0.00471 for retailing up to 0.015 for services.
  • Some incentives offered from the State of Washington to firms include:
    • B&O Tax Credit for Washington Customized Employment Training Program
      • This incentive is available to all Washington employers. Through payments to the Employment Training Finance Account through the Customized Employment Training Program for customized employee training, employers can receive a credit equal to 50% of the Employment Training Finance Account.
    • A variety of industry-specific tax incentives that focus on B&O Sales Tax deductions.

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