More than 75% of Washington State’s power comes from renewable, clean energy sources, including hydroelectric, solar and wind. Washington’s network of hydroelectric power plants is the nation’s largest, allowing the state to be one of the lowest cost energy providers in the United States.

In the Innovation Triangle we are proud to partner with Puget Sound Energy for electric and natural gas.

The PSE | Feasibility request can help you understand capacity at the site or what is needed to deliver the requested capacity, including engineering cost and lead time estimates.



5G Covered

The Innovation Triangle has a major telecommunications presence with widespread 5G coverage. In local surveys, businesses have reported internet service to exceed their needs, and the extensive infrastructure enables private innovation ecosystems combining VC, technical assistance, and industry pillars such as the 5G Open Innovation Lab.

  • Verizon coverage in the Innovation Triangle
  • AT&T 5G coverage in the Innovation Triangle
  • T-Mobile 5G coverage in the Innovation Triangle

City Utilities

Each city of the Innovation Triangle has business-friendly customer orientated staff to help you with your unique utility needs.